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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 31, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in the meantime, we have skoefrs firefighters here on the scene. i'm told there were no injuries but this tire establishment here has been touched off. the wind is blowing to the west. the smoke is billowing out of this building across all of the amtrak rail tracks that run parallel to new york avenue. i don't know if this is amtrak service or not. the firefighters have been here now for well over an hour. they're trying to knock this thing down. they have a number of hoses. they're attacking it from the air and then from ground level. but we're told because of the nature of the tires that are on fire here, the only way to put this thing out for sure is to bring in special foam trucks. they're trying to negotiate that now, but as i told you earlier, the terrific is really snarled
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up in this part of the city on this memorial day. they're going to try to bring in foam truck, put that foam on these tires, these burning tires and get this out. this is likely to tie up new york avenue for some time. we're here, we're standing by. we'll get more details. fire and rescue on the scene on the potomac river. two people slipped off the rocks and fell into the water at difficult run. the latest on this. what's the scene now? >> the helicopter is out there, a number of vote boths out here on the potomac and they're still searching frantically for two folks here. i talked to a member of the
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rescue operation here and they said there was a language issue at one point between the rescuers and the family, but at this point, it looks like either a mother and her daughter or perhaps two sisters were either swimming in the creek or perhaps fell into the creek. that was around 4:50. they have not resurfaced since. montgomery county and fairfax county fire and rescue all part of the operation out here. it's white water. while it's not super dangerous, it's as high as it has been over the past few days. swimmers should not be out here. this is an area for boaters. we'll continue to gather more information. if we should learn more in the next 45 minute, we'll pass it along to you. back to you. >> and we have some developing news today. it's out of greenbelt, maryland. a police chase and a crash occurred on the bw parkway. at least one person was
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critically injured. >> police believe someone tried to steal a moving truck and led officers on a chase around 2:15 this afternoon. during the chase, the suspect crashed into the back of a car at powder mill road and 295. jackie benson joins us live from greenbelt with the latest on this story. >> we want to show you the latest here and it's some very, very good news. both northbound and southbound. bw parkway back open again at this point. what police tell us is this began when the suspect robbed someone bhofs moving and then stole their moving truck. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon in new carrollton, maryland. they pursued it for some distance. they followed. the moving truck careened along. just before route 193, the moving fan hit that black sedan
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with tremendous force. . >> the occupant was trapped for a short period of time. personnel was able to extricate him from the vehicle. i believe that it's serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. >> now, we're told the suspect is under arrest in howard county, maryland, about seven miles from here. he was taken into custody while driving that moving van. we understand he was actually pursue the from the air by a police helicopter, but he is in custody at this time. jim, back to you. >> all right, jackie benson, thank you. we want to thank you for joining us on this busy memorial day. >> jim and doreen are off. we're going to head down to the gulf now. british petroleum is about to try another new approach to contain the growing oil spill there in the gulf of mexico. the top kill procedure that everyone was counts on, as you
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know, it failed to work. engineers are hoping a different type of containment dome will have more success. or have any success. this is a look at the live underwater feed of the broken well. the memorial day weekend that normally kicks off a summer of fun and profit along that gulf coast was anything but that. jay gray reports from venice, louisiana. >> you would see boats all over the place, people catching fish. >> instead, the only boats you see are carrying booms. >> predesignated locations. >> as the spill grows, there are some who say the clean-up effort should as well.
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>> bringing in a skimmer around the world to fight against the surface. >> they cut the leaking pipe then position a containment cap over the flow and siphon oil to a waiting tanker. but like every other attempt, there are no guarantees. >> think of a fire hydrant that's out of control. every time you try to cap it, every time you try to smother it, stuff it, it simply blows back. that's the problem. that's the reason why they can't get a handle on this crisis. a crisis that's sounding more and more like it will stretch through the summer. today, supply ships carried massive drill bits to the splil site. >> the ultimate solution is a relief well, which is in august. >> reporter: relief that is so desperately needed along the gulf coast right now. the thought of waiting until august is unbearable for most here who now say they're just
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living this disaster one day at a time. today is day 42. in venice, louisiana, jay gray, news 4. about two dozen people gathered in florida today to show their anger and frustration with bp. they demonstrated near a bp station in clear water. they also called for a boycott. the protestors claimed that it was working. they say even though a gas station employee dropped the price from 2.69 to 27 59 in gallon in response to their protest, after an hour and a half, only three calls had pulled in. >> it really fell fooels like summer out there, folks. many people on their way back from the beach. this is the time to cool you have. >> that's right, a little bit of haze, too. the average high, 80. we've got three more days like this. three more days of high heat across the area. even some pretty good humidity.
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dew point temperature running between 65 and 75 degrees. that is humid. here's a look at what's going on. to the west and north, those have been firing. there have been a few severe thunderstorm warnings around frederick county virginia. now it's a flash flood watch for page and for shenandoah as well as hamp shire county until midnight there in west virginia. we've got a better chance to see widespread storms across the area tomorrow. i'll get you updated on that, and a look at this hot start to the month of june. guys, back to you. on this memorial day, the nation's leaders pause to express their gatt tuesday to the servicemen and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. president obama started their day with a wreath-laying
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ceremony. it was supposed to follow up the rooet laying with a speech. a bad thunderstorm prompted him to cancel it. he greeted military families aboard buses instead and later paid a visit tot a nearby veterans affairs hospital. since the president paid respects for the nation's war dead during the abraham lincoln national cemetery. vice president joe biden stepped in for president obama at the annual wreath laying at arlington national cemetery. that takes place at the tomb of the unknowns. that cemetery, rather. the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marine who have served and sacrificed for us are the heart and soul and spine of this nation, said joe biden. >> observe advances of troops serving in afghanistan paused to remember their fallen comrades during a ceremony at the bagram
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air base. general stanley mcchrystal, the top commander in afghanistan said the holiday honors people who reflect some of the best characteristics of our country. the holiday also drew tom large crowds to the nation's capital today and drew some strong emotions. jane watrel has more. >> the high school band is front and center as the memorial day parade enters its fifth year with enthusiastic crowds. >> it's great. it's wonderful to see how everybody is paying tribute to war veterans. >> an estimated 300,000 people lined the parade route. many watching the memorial day parade for the first time. >> i think this is just great. i think it's just fabulous. >> pageantry of another sort. dozens of cyclists started a 350 mile bike ride to raise
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awareness. >> it takes training and a lot of will power. >> the top brass of the navy and army. >> at the vietnam wall, a more sobering sight, as veterans gathered to honor their own. helen campbell brought whitman to the wall for the first time. >> it's overwhelming, it really is. >> i fell it was his responsibility and honor to come down here and look at the all. he has friends he's lost. and when you're crippled, it's hard to go any place. so even though i'm disabled as well, i told him we were coming. >> back at the parade, bag pipes brought out the crowd's emotions, incluing a vietnam veteran who can't stop thinking about the buddy he lost.
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>> six more names were added to the vietnam wall today. three soldiers and three marines who were wounded in vietnam and survived for decades. now their deaths have been ruled combat saz you'llties. >> jane watrel, news 4. >> when we come back tonight, the deadly gaza flotilla raid sparks unrest. >> dramatic robbery of an armored truck in france. >> plus, after a massive recall of children's medicine, we have another popular medication to add to that list. >> current terms are national champions. and beltway traffic has nothing on the finish at indy. news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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we're going back to new york avenue far live look at that tire fire in the 1300 block of new york avenue. this has gone to a second alarm. more than 100 firefighters are there trying to put out this tire fire at this tire and hub tab shop there in the 1,300 block of new york avenue. new york avenue for the most part is shut down.
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traffic has to be rerouted. tires become their own fuel and just feed this fire voraciously. more than 100 doing something to try to contain this on new york avenue. today, president obama expressed deep regret about an israeli raid that sparked an international incident. it happened overnight in international waters. the slips are trying to blake israel's blockade of the gaza strip. they were carrying aid and hundreds of pro-palestinian activists. when the raid was over, nine passengers onboard were dead. israeli officials say the commandos open fired after the
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activists attacked them with knives, clubs and their own missal whence they repelled on to the ships. that attack has drawn criticism and condemnation all across europe today. protests in italy, france, ireland and england. hard line iranian students marched to teheran. houchbs protestors also gathered this afternoon in front of the israeli embassy. chris gor son has that part of the story. >> reporter: in front of the israeli embassy, protestors chanted free gaza, end occupation now. they say the attack was unjustified and the united states should end aid to israel. >> it's a big catastrophe. it's a big shame to the united
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states to support israel completely. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league says it's to prevent rockets and missiles from being smuggled to hamas and the folilla was seen as a provocation. >> one of the people said there are two possible good results that could come from this effort. one is martyrdom, the other is reaching gaza. >> the israeli ambassador to washington, d.c. says a video posted on youtube shows that israeli forces were justified and that they acted in self-defense. this video was posted by soldiers, demonstrations soldier overboard resulting in a head injury. the video displays knives, and the israeli ambassador says there were guns onboard.
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but the palestinian protestors do not believe the israeli commandos acted in self-defense. >> there's no way it was an attack of self-defense. there was no armament on any ships. paratroopers landed in the middle of the night from military helicopters. it's absolutely indefensible. m planned in the coming days. there will be another protest in front of the white house tomorrow. still ahead, we're going to tell you about a guy who found a rock on the side of the road, brought it home and now it's worth up to $40,000. we'll tell you why. >> and veronika is back with >> and veronika is back with an-thanks for coming back out. . i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you." tell him "he's welcome,"
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this is beyond cable. this is fios.
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we're back with an update on breaking news. a search and rescue mission in great falls. joining us on the phone now as you see these live pictures from chopper 4 is assistant chief scott graham. first of all, we reported that two people were missing. give us an update. what's the latest knew nou. >> we originally reported to you all from information that we received when we arrive on the scene, we were looking for a mother and a 14-year-old daughter in the vicinity of difficult run. after witness statements were collected from a group that was with the two, we are looking for
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what we believe to be two teenagers, two 14-year-olds. we are still extensively searching from anglers up to difficult run. we have five boat teams in the water at this time and we're also being assisted by fairfax county fire and rescue department and united states park police eagle two. so the search is ongoing. it's an extensive search in those areas. >> do we have any idea, chief, what they were doing in the area at the time. you mentioned the madera school, is there any connection there with the young people. >> there's no connection, it's just the area for reference to the incident. >> as far as memorial day weekend, they're probably with a group recreating in that area, may have been walk on the rocks. may have entered the water on their own, which i can't stress to anybody great enough, please, please, please do not enter the
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potomac river. it not only makes it dufrs dangerous for the people attempting to swim, but also the folks attempting to rescue them. >> and the witnesses, did they see them be swept away. did they see them struggle? what was that scenario that caused them to be alarmed? >> apparently this is from preliminary witness statements, they said they entered the water and then were swept away. so we received the call at about seven minutes to 5:00 and we were in the water with our boats just after 5:00. like i said, we launched south of where the incident is being reported. we launched from anglerss end ad we're working northward. >> all right, chief, thank you so much for taking time with us and brings us that update. the big update now is that we're looking for two teenagers. >> two 14-year-olds.
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>> veronika joins us now. was it a hot day? people don't realize how dangerous that river is. a lot of powerful currents underneath. >> calm on top, but boy, that thing will sweep you away. >> weather throughout the area is quiet. we are talking about some storms, but those are far to the west. still hot out there. a high temperature today of 91 degrees. you can see the thunderstorms. reagan national, a deficit of about an inch and a half. 1.20 inches of rainfall. right now we're at 89 degrees. humidity is at 44%. southwesterly breezes through the area.
6:26 pm
fifth time we've been 90 or higher all year. ocean city has been the cool spot. 84 in martins burg, virginia. you can see where the storms have been firing. the slow moving storms training over areas. it's going to be hot. 77 jacksonville, 86 in miami. there have been some cooling thunderstorms down through the south. but there's the weather front right through illinois. that's going to be coming through our area tomorrow. then another front behind it. wanted to show you the tropics real quick. all here through the gulf of mexico through africa, things are quiet. the list runs through november 30 hurricane season. it's expected to be an active
6:27 pm
one with major hurricanes, 3 to 7. average is 2. right now, it's quiet. not so quiet tomorrow with storms moving in. then another front comes your way for thursday. hot all week long, but we'll be getting some cooling thunderstorms and maybe some isolated severe weather. warm and humid, temperatures drop from the 80s to the upper 70s for the next couple of hours. a mild start with just a few clouds overhead. another hot one tomorrow and also humid. then some storms come our way after about 2:00 p.m. 86 to 90 degrees. we'll get a chance to cool off again from some of those storms. wow, that was pretty interesting. we went right through the four-day forecast. but right now -- >> time so flying by. >> right. storms for tuesday, storms for thursday. and hot weather through thursday, too. >> all right. >> it's summer. in a flash. thanks, veronika. coming up, we'll tell you about a fierce fire battle that forced families out of their
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homes. >> we'll tell you who's already talking about banning fireworks in d.c. >> also, while most teens are looking for a summer
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and a massive tire fire continues to burn out of control in northeast d.c.
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that's one of the many breaking stories we're following for you this evening. a huge blaze has shut down parts of new york avenue right now. >> it's a tire store in the 1,300 block of kendall street, billowing smoke can be seen for miles. that's pat collins pat? >> it's called the almost new tire store, and now for more than an hour, scores of firefighters have been here battling this fire that's been raging and sending out this dark, black smoke up and down new york avenue. no one injured in the fire, but this is a very tough fire for the firefighters because of the intense smoke created by those burning tires. so they have rehab units and medic units at the stand by. we have a number of traffic situations here. if you can just pan over for a minute, you can look over new york avenue and see traffic
6:32 pm
coming in new york avenue headed quarterback into washington. it's being diverted down to west virginia avenue. into the city that way. you see the fire apparatus is blocked eastbound. the traffic is being diverted up into the bridge to take it up then down to bladensburg road, then back to new york avenue. again, firefighters have been at this for more than an hour. just a short time ago, i talked to assistant chief larry shultz. >> it's very hard. that's directly from the fires. it will make you sick as soon as you begin to smell it.
6:33 pm
the next 25, 30 minutes we'll have a knock on it. >> we're going to use some foam to mop it up and suppress the fire. >> and so the battle continues here on new york avenue. the firefighters in that building over there really up close to the fire now. trying to get the fire out and try to return to some sort of normalcy here to the scene. but i'm told it could be four or five hours before they reopen new york avenue. please call them and advise them to take an alternate route. this could be somewhat of a mess for hours to come. wendy, more to come. fire rescue officials continue their search for two
6:34 pm
teenagers in the potomac river. witnesses tell us they saw the teens slip off of the rocks and into some water. we'll bring you the latest ngs as it comes into our news room. >> two people were hurt after a three-alarm fire in a howard county apartment building on blues county in laurel. when units arrivaled, they found two people trapped. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this. >> district chief dennis ruben says today he wouldn't eliminate firefighters altogether, such as the national mall display, but he would consider banning the average consumer from buying them. spl
6:35 pm
similar bands already exist. this is the time thoufs teenagers are scrambling to land summer job, but a select few in our area will instead start their own businesses. they are among the 800 who just competed in a young entrepreneurs contest. we're introduced to some of the winners now. this could be the start of something big. that's what a panel of washington, d.c. leaders say. teachers and professionals guide students through a mininba program through which the high schoolers develop their own business. for ayisha, it's puppy love. >> a big part of it was my love of dogs and how much i wanted to spend time with them. but a bigger part of it was our current situation, trying to
6:36 pm
help other teens pay for their college. 130 dog walks a month turns a profit. the $1,500 she just won will help her start her service. they employ 20 to 30 teens by next year. >> after what time period? >> 1417. >> good job. >> practice helping his little sister with her homework helped inspire this business. >> i want to help patients and guardians who live in upper marlboro. >> it will help him offer his tutoring service next year with six clients for starters. both students say the competition opened their eyes to new possibilities. >> now i get to see the real world and how it really works.
6:37 pm
and so i met amazing people, amazing contacts. i still keep in contact, keep in touch with them. and i just -- i'm so excited. >> i think that get into business at an early age are really important. and small business owners are the foundation of america. we need to get back to that. i love entrepreneurship. >> this business sponsor says that's exactly the idea. >> the kids are just extraordinary. they basically get involved in these courses. and a passion comes out of them. they're just basically -- it ignites this entrepreneurial feeling that they have. pediacare has been added to the recall list of children's medications. >> and we'll find out what was behind this
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we'll start by taking a look outside. the cloud cover at least maybe hoping to cool down the temperatures a little bit. right now we're at 89 sdst at reagan national. the dew point temperature is at 64 degrees. >> it will still be plenty warm. isolated storms off to the west of our area.
6:41 pm
hamp shire county and west virginia, 72 by sunrise tomorrow. we'll be mild to start the day. then we're going to have more thunderstorms coming our way tomorrow afternoon. the high will be 88 tomorrow, then 88 on wednesday. mostly sunny and less humid behind those storms. here's a look at your four-day forecast. more afternoon storms. so tuesday and thursday are the days with storms and wet weather this week week. your weekend, 50-50 with showers around on saturday. '. >> researchers in canada say taking anti-depressants innerly pregnancy may increase a woman's risk of misteenager. medical records were studied of 5,000 women who suffered a misteenager with those who did not. more than 5% were taking anti-depressants, compared to 2% who were not. pediacare is now among a list of
6:42 pm
recalls of children's pain relievers and allergy products. the products being recalled include multisymptom cold, long acting cough and gold. this voluntary recall issued as a precaution because they were made at the same pennsylvania plant the medications were where quality control problems were discovered. take a look. suspectins surrounding a black v here. police say they blocked an armored lumis truck and reportedly blew the doors off the truck with explosives before taking off with some cash. no word yet on how much they made off with or if anyone was injured. >> a familiar name.
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vasquez shows off today for the wizards brass. they're not making friends along the track or along pit road. -sure. -th. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you." tell him "he's welcome," but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] call now and get fios tv, internet, and phone for just $99.99 a month guaranteed for two years! this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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this is beyond cable. this is fios. the goal was to avoid falling back into that club and they did. the nationals made the most of the astros pitching problems. they matched a season high against houston.
6:46 pm
here's adam dunn. i think the new beard is doing him well. looks like it's going to go into the bullpen. looks like it's just a hair short. a three-run double for adam dunn. houston's roy oz walt not having a good day. the home plate umpire has had enough. the umpire saysout ear out of here, he ejects him. not sure it mattered who's on the mound as the nats light up the stros. zimmerman with two home runs yet. the nationals power their way to a 14--4 win.
6:47 pm
this club of athletes drew a big crowd. vasquez who was one of six players invited for today's session. >> it was fun, it was good to see the people. >> a little bit of irony, one of the guys on the team during the workout was raymar morgan. what did he say.
6:48 pm
>> for the win! he got it! >> vasquez has been well coached on and off the floor. and having worked through this process before, he knows now he absolutely belongs in the nba. >> hold on, vasquez has no ego? >> come on. i'm confident but i have no ego. obviously i want to be in the first round, but i just want to be on the team. >> so the goal this year? the right fit. but he would like to get drafted in the first round. according to some nba folks i
6:49 pm
talked to, that could very likely happen. that will do it for here from verizon. let's send it back to you. >> vasquez said he was able to speak to gilbert arenas after gilbert wracked up his workout. he was picking his brain for a short time. vasquez never got that championship with the maryland men's basketball team. but the maryland women's lacrosse team is celebrating a national championship. northwestern, though, they made it tough. the terms settled down enough to bounce back. >> the women's lacrosse player of the year played like it. northwestern going crazy. aaron fitzgerald beats dipper. the number one-seeded terms show up. the acc freshman of the year charges her third goal. and maryland is on a roll. they cut it to 8-6. late in the second half, maryland only up by bun.
6:50 pm
mcfadden circumstances the net. and byers scores. maryland comes back to score. their tenth national championship in women's lacro e lacrosse. in men's lacrosse, duke today won its first title, defeating notre dame 6-5. >> moving now to nascar it was a dramatic week. chip ganassi became the first to win the daytona 500 and the indy 500 in the same year. we're at the brickyard. here it is. mike conway in his car goes up and over. ryan hunter, can you believe it? into the fence. and that car just disintegrates. i'm going to take you to another look, hunter ray's car. you can see conway just runs up and over the front left tire.
6:51 pm
it launches him up in the air. conway was thrown to a hospital with a broken leg. >> he's amazed the car didn't land on his head. dario franchitti wins it after leading 155 laps. he was greeted with a kiss from his wife. actress ashley judd. dario's second indy 500 win it was. he gets the milk and the wreath and the last time he won was 2007. nascar drivers took to the -- four-time champion jimmie johnson was running 4 1/2 laps when he slammed hard into the wall. it was a bad day for jimmie. he finished 37th. at the end of the race, it was kurt busch and the number two deuce who took the checkered flag. he won the all-star race a week earlier.
6:52 pm
meanwhile, his little brother, kyle busch, some say he was the best racer in the garage. he got an earful off the race. look how mad jeff burton is. he said he unfairly raced him. he had just tapped the 31 car up there of jeff burton. he ended up placing 25th. but kyle said afterwards, he didn't mean any harm. . >> i don't know if i got into him or cut his left rear tire. after the race, he said i didn't race him with enough respect if i'm not going to give him respect, he's not going to show me any. i said you've got to make bold moves. it wasn't me that made it team wide. it was your teammate. but if i did anything wrong, i would be more than happy to sit with jeff burton to point it out on a replay to me. >> i like racing with kyle. i really do. when he gets overaggressive, i'm
6:53 pm
not going to tolerate it. >> jeff burton a nascar veteran. that stuff is so good for the sport. it's a soap opera. still ahead, an old rock that was used to keep a dog from digging up a garden turns into a piece from our solar system. >> and people mark the holiday just by getting out [ static ]
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♪ plug and play. now understanding my diabetes is that simple. [ male announcer ] the contour usb meter from bayer. [ nick ] look at this. the software's built right in. how cool is that? [ male announcer ] it's the first meter with plug-and-play technology, helping you transform ordinary testing information into deeper understanding. [ nick ] a meter that plugs into my nonstop life -- that's my simple win. [ male announcer ] the contour usb meter. only from bayer. [ static ]
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now we are getting submerged in summer. the weather was perfect today and people are celebrating as they kick off the start of our new season. john schriffen takes a look. >> across maryland and virginia today, ceremonies honoring soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice their life. hundreds came out to bowies veteran park. >> there are those who made that sacrifice for us. >> reporter: and the young at heart. >> the wars in iraq and afghanist afghanistan. >> raymond chattery knows he's one of the lucky ones to still be able to celebrate this day.
6:57 pm
>> i had an uncle who died in world war ii and i had several comrades in vietnam. >> memorial day also turned into a day of fun and activities. fans parading through rockville and grills filled with juicy burgers and hot dogs. i got stuck with it today. i got stuck wit but that's okay because my name is really grill daddy. so that's all right. >> this church group used the day to be together. >> are you guys having fun today? >> yeah. >> what is the best part about today? >> celebrating and games and all that. >> being with friends. >> eating watermelon pop i see you got watermelon all over yourself. are you enjoying it? >> eating food. >> what's your favorite food today? >> cake. >> you don't like the burgers, the hot dogs? >> i kind of like them. >> more of a dessert guy, though? robert johnson ii decided to teach the boys about the little
6:58 pm
things in life so they don't take it for granted. >> it's a wonderful feeling to be able to have the freedom. >> reporter: and one of the biggest memorial day celebrations is going on right here in alexandria. more than 1,000 people have gathered here in the park. despite the meet heath, many people say they wouldn't miss this chance to get outside and enjoy their freedom. something so many americans lost their lives for. what a weather day everybody had out there. a skorjer. >> yeah, it was hot, but it sure fwaet bates the rain that we had here on sunday and monday i'll take a little bit of heat over some rain on a holiday like today. the pollen, though, i don't like. 86, and it's high for grasses. grasses make up 67 that. we're losing the heating of the day. alleghany county, rockingham
6:59 pm
county into virginia until midnight. 74 is how we'll start the day through tomorrow. again, up around 88 to 90 degrees with more afternoon and evening storms. more widespread, though, tomorrow. back to you. >> veronica, thank you. >> don wesson lives in a rural area near portland, oregon. he's a rock collector. and his favorite rock has just become even more dear to him. scientists say it's not a rock at all. didn't even come from this earth. it's a meteorite. he picked up the rock 11 years ago. it weighs 40 pounds. he used it to keep his dog from digging up his garden. well, a few months ago, he saw a tv show about meteorites, took another look at it and it's declared as comings from 200 to 800 years ago. that would make him a rock star. >> good reason to name your rocks. nightly news is next.


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